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What happen to predictability?
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[REQ] SPN: Blood and Grace. [Demandriel]
Summary: I almost lost you. | I’m here.
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Dean/Samandriel [Demandriel]; implied Castiel/Sam [Sastiel]; unnamed witch
Word Count: 1,154
Tags/Warnings: implied violence; injured!Dean; sad!Samandriel; angst; flashback!fic; hunt!fic; why is it always witches?
“Mmm, angel – whatcha doing?”
Dean had felt himself being slowly extracted from the blackness of his dreamless sleep – a pleasant blue haze filling the dark void.
As the hunter’s awareness had begun to sharpen, he could feel the tender skimming of fingertips brushing the exposed skin of his back.
Fingertips that did not pull away at his sleep-slurred words, but did seem to momentarily tense.
Opening his green eyes, Dean focused into the soft grace-lit eyes of his angel.
“I was checking to make sure your injuries had effectively healed.”
Dean let out a
:iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 2 0
Watchers Appreciation. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah Watchers Appreciation. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 1 0 Watchers Appreciation. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Watchers Appreciation. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 2 0 [V2] Robosexual Pride Flag. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah [V2] Robosexual Pride Flag. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 2 4 [V2] Robosexual Pride Flag. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah [V2] Robosexual Pride Flag. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 2 0
[REQ] SPN: In The Wink of an Eye. [Gabriel/Reader]
Summary: “Do you really not know how to wink?”
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Gabriel/Reader [human; female; 18+]; the Winchesters [mention], Castiel [mention]
Word Count: 446
Tags/Warnings: reader-centric; fluff; bunker!fic; teasing
“You know, if you keep scrunching your face at the mirror - it might get stuck that way.”
Despite the sharp jerk your body provoked, you watched a soft smile reflect in your bedroom mirror. A second smile, one that appeared to produce its own radiant lighting, appeared in the mirror’s reflection as Gabriel’s frame came to stand behind you.
“Sam and Dean thought it would be fun to introduce Cas to charades.” You answered his silent question. You puffed your next breath as your fingers grasped a squared card on your desk and held it behind your head.
Through the reflection, you watched as Gabriel took the card from your outstretched h
:iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 10 1
xReader. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah xReader. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 9 0 xReader. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah xReader. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 7 0 Ghosts. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Ghosts. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 31 2 Ghosts. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah Ghosts. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 16 0
[SPN] Internet Trolls. [Gadreel/Reader]
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Gadreel/Reader [human; female; 18+]; the Winchesters [mention], Castiel [mention], Gabriel [mention], Lucifer [mention]
Word Count: 591
Tags/Warnings: reader-centric; mild angst
Christ on a cracker, humans could be so cruel. Vampires, ghosts and zombies you understood; they had predictable motives – feed, spawn, kill, repeat. Humans, however, they could rip your heart out and drain your soul without touching you – without even ever laying sight of you.
You didn’t want to stare at the screen anymore – the hollow pit in your stomach expanded each time a new comment appeared; though at the same time, there was a sick curiosity of what would be said next – how would they top the last degrading insult?
A ping signaled a new message; the high-pitched noise whispering a sense of dread and helplessness in your darkened room. As it had repeatedly, the twiste
:iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 8 2
Robosexual Pride Flag. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah Robosexual Pride Flag. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 8 6 Robosexual Pride Flag. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah Robosexual Pride Flag. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 10 1
[SPN] Please, Not Him. [Angel/Reader]
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Angel[surprise!]/Reader [human; female; 18+]; Chuck [mention]
Word Count: 380
Tags/Warnings: injured reader; violence; feels; reader-centric; ambiguous ending
I am going to die, you think as your vision fades in and out with tears. Please, don’t allow this to happen, not to him. Fuck, Chuck, please – if you ever loved him, stop this; stop this before…
There is a harsh shake of your body, dislodging the collecting tears and your desperate prayers – also awakening your numb body; a flare of painful awareness assaulting your nervous system.
A crushing pain bruising your hips bones; a raw, stinging spreading over the skin of your back; a bass-deep throbbing radiating through your skull.
They couldn’t compare, however, to the illusion of a cold, piercing sensation resting against the heated skin of your chest.
The result of the tip of an angel bla
:iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 10 0
[TF] Xenophilia. [99 x 56] by Hurricane-Hannah [TF] Xenophilia. [99 x 56] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 11 2 [TF] Xenophilia. [123 x 70] by Hurricane-Hannah [TF] Xenophilia. [123 x 70] :iconhurricane-hannah:Hurricane-Hannah 18 7


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Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke
[transformers/supernatural fanfiction]


You have stumbled upon the profile of a deadly storm.
Who, without warning, can easily transform.
She can drown your ability to ever set sail.
If you ever see her dark skies, you may want to bail.
Her untamable winds will leave you crippled with fear.
You may want to pray since your death is quite near.
She can leave everything in her wake as bare as a savanna.
You, my unfortunate friend, have stumbled upon the fierce and deadly storm, Hurricane-Hannah.

Tumblr by Blobicons thebirthofastorm

1 / tornado stamp by lonelymattress Stamp :: Writing IS art. by piink-lemonade I love cats  (stamp) by stamp-queennn Stamp | Canada by GypsyCo


You say Bluestreak, I say Starscream
You say Peace, I say War
You say Protect and Serve, I say Punish and Enslave
You say Red, I say Purple
You say Forgiveness, I say Blast His Head Off
You say Mercy, I say Megatron
You say Autobot, and I say Decepticon

Tumblr by Blobiconsifuckgiantrobots Archive of our own (AO3) Icon mini by linux-rulesHurricaneHannah

Giant Alien Stamp by ConDecepticon robot crush by meimei-stamps I :HEART: Robots by DarthSuki i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps


"Did someone light a ring of holy fire,
or is it just me?"

Tumblr by Blobiconstheblackendsky Archive of our own (AO3) Icon mini by linux-rulestheblackenedsky

Supernatural Season 9 Stamp by Cammerel Destiel Stamp by kaylalaxx Gabriel/Trickster Stamp by Gamble55 Stamp12 by nupao


I had a dream the other night about a tornado, only to wake up and read that a tornado touched down in Alberta - scary coincidence or ESP?

Borrowed from :iconlady1venus:

The following two original characters are from my Transformers Full Ark 2 universe

Riley Rae O’Neil

:bulletred: She had seven older brothers.

:bulletred: Spinach is the most disgusting thing she has ever tasted.

:bulletred: The only human [the other two being Jen and Hailey] to have won an argument against Prowl.

:bulletred: Ratchet believes she has an unhealthy obsession with energy drinks; she disagrees.

:bulletred: Originally born in Canada, she and her brothers moved here to help support the Autobots.

:bulletred: Despite her “tomboyish, rebel” attitude/attire, she will wear any colour – even pink.

:bulletred: Even though she is independent and headstrong, she secretly likes it when certain Autobots become fiercely protective of her – Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Red Alert, Prowl.

:bulletred: She is also the only human to know Drift was once a Decepticon.

Hailey Rose Patel

:bulletgreen: She has trouble staying still – one of the reasons she enjoys tinkering.

:bulletgreen: The only “jewelry” she wears is her deceased father’s dog tags.

:bulletgreen: Her hair is almost never seen down – tied up in a single braid.

:bulletgreen: Due to her connection with many of the Autobot officers –  Optimus, Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack; she is the only human often allowed to attend meetings and briefings.

:bulletgreen: Her family’s support of the Autobots is considered legendary - this lead her to being “adopted” by the AS base Riley was staying at when her father was killed in what was believed to be a ECON attack.

:bulletgreen: Despite having a calm and collected head on her shoulders she is still human and gets mad; however, when she does she is not “hot-mad” but “cold-mad” –  which Riley has commented is very frightening.

:bulletgreen: With her love of science and technology, she is considered the “apprentice” of Ratchet, Wheeljack, and Perceptor – however, she prefers to work with Wheeljack over Ratchet because she is more comfortable working on “machines rather than Autobots” as she is scared of causing harm.

:bulletgreen: In contrast to Riley, Hailey appears less emotional [she does not have less emotions than Riley, she is just less animated with them]; however, cannot hide or cover-up her emotions like Riley can.

:icontrickster91: [you have to do Jen and Noshe!]
:iconsolziv: [do you have any original characters?]


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